Hey! How are you? My name is Zhazira, Zira for short. I am a Kazakh girl living in Bulgaria.

What is this website for? Well, I need it mostly to keep my photos ordered and systematized, and I hope one day I’ll show it to my children and their children so they can understand me better 🙂 😉

Anyway, thank you for visiting my world! This website and my page on Instagram are my emotional outlet, for in real life, I’m a shy introverted person, who loves nature. I find it peaceful – walking into the wild where I can be unapologetically myself and where I can charge my batteries. That’s why all the images on the site are about nature. Primarily I love capturing butterflies, they are my passion. They make me forget about everyday life routine, they make me feel wild and free. Butterflies are good for my soul. I love myself when I’m with them and I prefer them to most people. “They call me crazy butterfly lady like it’s a bad thing”.

Among other things, I love reading books, watching football (I Will Never Walk Alone), playing World of Warcraft and gardening.

Did I mention my family? Oh, I’m married to the kindest and most patient man, who’s always by my side. We have a daughter, she is a pure perfection – a living proof of the statement “What is done in love is done well”❤️ These two human beings love me more than I could have ever dreamt of! I guess, that’s called a blessing.

Quite enough info, isn’t it? Please, feel free to leave me feedback or just send me your good vibes 🙂