Hey! How are you doing? I’m glad to welcome you here. I am Zhazira (Zira for short), a Kazakh (Qazaq) girl living in Bulgaria. What am I doing so far away from my homeland? Years ago I got married to a Bulgarian man, the kindest and smartest one. We live in his hometown and raise two beautiful daughters. They are a living proof of “What is done in love is done well” <3

You see, I love photographing. In real life I’m a shy introverted person, so I prefer being in nature rather than among people. I find it peaceful – walking in the wild where I can be unapologetically myself and where I can charge my emotional batteries. That’s how it all started. I used nature as an escape from the everyday routine and observed so many beautiful sights, that one day I decided to try and capture it all.

Is it too obvious that I love butterflies? They are my greatest passion and are just good for my soul. I love myself when I’m with them. “They call me crazy butterfly lady like it’s a bad thing”.

You are probably guessing what this website is for. Well, I need it mostly to keep my photos ordered and systematized, and I hope one day I’ll show it to my children and their children so they can understand me better 😉 You can consider this website and my page on Instagram as an emotional outlet.

Among other things, I love cooking, reading books, watching football (I Will Never Walk Alone), playing World of Warcraft and gardening. You can find here some pictures of my roses as well.

Quite enough info, isn’t it? Please, feel free to leave feedback or just send me your good vibes 🙂